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EnglishIt is a good thing; it livens up our debates, which have been a little dull at times.
Es algo positivo; aviva nuestros debates, que han estado un poco apagados en ocasiones.
EnglishSince 11 September 2001, there has not been a dull moment.
Desde el 11 de septiembre de 2001, no ha habido ni un solo instante de aburrimiento.
EnglishIt is fair to say there has never been a dull moment.
Es justo decir que nunca ha habido ni un instante de aburrimiento.
Englishthe play is a bit dull, it needs something to spice it up a little
EnglishIt would also be dull and we do not want that at all.
Eso sería también aburrido, cosa que no queremos en absoluto.
EnglishSomething that was a dull and unexciting event for years is now, thank goodness, very different.
Lo que durante años fue una experiencia algo aburrida y poco movida ahora adquiere otro carácter gracias a él.
EnglishIs it a dull accounting exercise or a key political act?
EnglishShe has added some colour and charm to a fairly dull House when all the men are in dark suits.
Ha aportado animación y encanto a una Asamblea bastante sosa, cuando todos los hombres están vestidos con trajes negros.
Englishit's rather slow and heavy going: in a word, dull
EnglishIt is hard to sell dull facts to the public.
EnglishPerhaps, the hearts of many were dull at the time.
EnglishI would describe the book as dull and repetitive
Englishall work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
English31 December 2010 saw the end of a rather dull Presidency, which some people have described as lacklustre and weak.
El 31 de diciembre de 2010 finalizó una Presidencia más bien torpe, que algunas personas han descrito como insulsa y débil.
EnglishThere is never a dull moment with Europa.
Englishhis conversation is depressingly dull
EnglishI'm really sorry about the dull meal
Englishis it a sharp pain or a dull ache?
Englishthe dust made the furniture look dull
Englisha dull moan struck her ear

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